Starrella Photography | QUESTIONS FOR APRIL

BEFORE THE SESSION: We will discuss locations & clothing options beforehand. I will ask you a few questions: how formal/ casual is your family? Do you have a special place you are hoping to place a portrait? Tell me what colors you love to decorate with? Tell me about the members of your family? Is there something you love to do together? Your responses help me to prepare for your session and allow me to connect with you. We will decide on a location and a time that will work with your family schedule. The best time for lighting is obviously one hour before sunset "The golden hour" however sometimes this does not work with little ones schedules so we will pick time that is best for them if needed! 

TIME: My lifestyle family sessions last about an hour. If you are a high school senior, this allows you time for a few wardrobe changes and the time may be a bit longer depending on how many outfits you have brought to the session. If you are a newborn, you’ll have time to eat and get a diaper change (or three) and your session may be around 2 to 3 hours. If you are a couple, you’ll have time to sneak in a few extra kisses. If you are a family, we’ll have time for individual portraits of each child, plus mom & dad together, and a couple of different set ups of your family group (candid and posed).

IMAGES: After our session, I will personally edit the top 25-40 images to be properly color corrected, sharpened with minor retouching.  The majority of my clients purchase the high resolution CD at the time of the session.(some of my packages include the CD as well) This image disc be ready within 2 weeks of your session, and includes a print release. You can also order professional prints directly from your online gallery that you will receive after the session and the order will be shipped directly to your home.

EQUIP MENT: My investment in high end canon professional camera bodies and lenses ensures a high quality product. I also maintain an awesome MAC computer and photo archives to keep up with my sessions. I prefer to utilize simple props, chairs, etc. in your session rather than an elaborate set up which tends to become a distraction in your portrait. You are welcome to bring a few things that you love if it will have meaning in your portraits such as a favorite blanket, an old guitar, a kite, a special toy, a picnic basket, etc.


- Let your personality shine!

It’s so important that people don’t stick to the traditional thing of all wearing one color. Just like your family, what everyone wears should be diverse. Show your personality through your outfits. These are photos you will have for years so when you look back at them make sure your outfits fit the way your family is & be true to you!




- make sure you know your location

Based off where you will be taking photos, your outfits should work with with your location. Pick your scene and than choose your outfits. Make sure your outfit is comfortable for your surroundings. Lets not be wearing those stilettos at the beach!



- White isn’t the only neutral
When you are wanting to go neutral with your outfits remember white isn’t the only neutral.  Men wearing a light blue oxford and a woman in a blush dress is still neutral! Other neutral options: black, tan, blush, light blues, nudes, navy, gray. Spice up your neutrals with going with other textures, patterns, & playing around with more than just white.





- Don’t be afraid of pattern & color.
Make sure to bring in some color & pattern to your photo shoots to really make your familyphotos a masterpiece. Always make sure there is a great balance between patterns and solids. For example in a family photo shoot, maybe the daughter is in a floral dress, the dad is in a stripe shirt, & the mom & son are in solids. & don’t be afraid of mixing patterns. When picking colors, never be afraid, but thing about what colors go with the feel of your photoshoot. If you are going for a light & airy feel be sure to pick lighter colors. Want that downtown urban feel? Go with deeper more rich colors. Pattern & color can really add a pop of interest to your family photos & make you stand out against your backdrop.




Layers, layers, LAYERS.
Wear that jewelry, those cardigans, boots over jeans, belts, scarves, hats, & any sort of texture that will add interest & show your personality even more. Layers add so much to a photo & take a normal photo to the next level.