I’m taking my photography passion, artistic talent, and love for business, and going for it! What can I say other than it's amazing to be able to capture so many moments for such wonderful families. When I take wedding photos, I am tearing up at the I Do's, and laughing at the best man's speech. I'm by the brides side the whole day to make sure she is looking perfect, and I am capturing every special moment. I love to capture those laughs, and heart-warming moments as you play with your children during lifestyle sessions, or your little one's toes when they are just a few days old.
How lucky am I? I've been able to meet such amazing families. I not only can call these families my clients, but I can now call them my friends. I miss them when I don't see them, and I keep my fingers crossed that they will come to my next mini session so Mrs. April can give their little ones hugs and kisses. It's true! It's just that easy for me to adore everyone I meet. This is not a job for me, this is what I have dreamed of for years. I've worked as hard as I could to get to where I am in life... Every family deserves beautiful photos to look at years from now.

On to my life. I started "Starrella" after my sister Tiffany had passed away. Life can be so short and I believe you should spend your life doing what you love so I took the next step to starting my business "Starr" the stars in the sky for my big sister and "Ella" my oldest daughter who has helped me grow into the mom and person I am today. 

 I have an awesome, loving husband "Billy," who is able to be my assistant photographer for all of my weddings. He has supported and encouraged me to pursue my dream since the day we met.
He has grown to love photography as much as I do, since we obviously have a camera around 24'7.
We have four beautiful children Abriella, Braden, Preston and our littlest babe Blakelyn. Our little world is now complete!  

As they grew, I photographed them along with anyone else willing to smile. With practice and my growing love for photography, I have decided to share my gift with others.


I shoot Canon 

I love Starbucks shaken green tea and Panera green tea :) 

I love hugs, music and surprises, burgundy and navy and my favorite colors in the fall and winter! Spring and summer it's blush and mauve :) 

I love lace, flowy long dresses , chambray and white jeans is one of my fav outfit choices ever!!

LOVE to shop "every outfit is only complete with amazing shoes" 

I always try to create new ideas every year, I am always up for a challenge!


That's all for now :)


We are a registered Maryland business